ghostsofavalon said: I had this thought/realization a little while back and it kinda freaked me out. I wound up getting a little upset because I didn’t think I was “real” but rather a hodgepodge of other people and our conversations and felt like I had nothing of my own.

That kind of reaction is normal. I choose my words very carefully when speaking about this because I don’t want to frighten anyone… What I will say is that with time those feelings of fear and being upset will go away because an understanding of who you TRULY are will be realized. :) That is, if you choose to keep exploring “yourself”. Once you know who you really are you can enjoy identity for what it truly is.

But only do what’s comfortable. If it feels good follow it, and if it doesn’t do not. 

Our whole lives are built on someone else. Whether it be good or bad, you’re who you are today because of lessons and experiences someone else has given you. We are defined by those lessons and experiences. 

In that sense, I guess no one is truly independent. But I don’t think this is a bad thing. It just is. 

The Space Between Two Worlds
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